​​​​​​​​​​​​​​MUSIC VIDEOS

Last wednesday the first musicvideo was released.

R&B Singer Edge Fine in collaboration with Five50Music.

As the title explains, why you do not wanna "Go Home" on a saturday night.

The video was filmed @ Inntel Hotels Art, Edge Fine and the Peanutbutter & Jelly Directors 

where accompanied by Models Melissa Vos & Joyce Mullers- hired through Models Inc. Rochelle Minkhorst. Club Rouge located at Light City provided their stage and Onstage-International

Pole dancer, Yvonne van Loon.

Just take a look at what they've been cooking in their kitchen.



Their next video was actually set to drop before the Go Home video.

But due to some delays it now becomes the second video but not least !

Amongst the #WDGAF album playlist, this track is definitely their  'Rawest'  production on it.

We are not shure we mentioned this before, but the Five50 Crew are doing everything independent,  even their music videos.

Just click and get ready to like what you see !